Taurus Horoscope 2013. Pon attention to your relationships, because they are a primary point for your development right now, both personally and professionally. "Birds of a feather flock together who you" could be the motto for you this year 2013.
During New Year's Eve dinner please your anatomy strategic points such as the neck or wrist, the most sensual and inspiring colony you know, to channel all the positive energy of the new year. Prepare to be seduced by 2013 with all your magic.

Try to destroy the potential confusion that may arise, both in your professional and social environment, and with respect to your partner. Perceived a significant increase your libido, so sexual experiences and loving relationships you keep, can be very strong and even passionate, but you must be careful because you might encounter issues with jealousy and jealousy can be one of your main enemies, and the sense of ownership.

You'll feel more effusive when your feelings show. The adventures, trips or outdoor activities call your attention. Your way to appreciate the feelings is more idealistic than usual. It would be nice for you to do an assessment of what has happened or been seen in the area of ​​your relationships, whether personal, with partners or with your partner, and you're more aware of the power of attraction that you have to conquer others, by it may be easier to impose your authority sympathetically.
 Tauro your illusions appear again in the second half of 2013 and that is when you know that your efforts and dedication have paid off. If you are single this year will achieve woo the person you set as your charms are the most seductive. You will live very passionate encounters but avoid commitment.

A 2013 to meet suitors and be inspired by the needs of the moment. Your friends will you take the decisions you make, all you have to declare your intentions if you do not want to hurt people who excite you. The family is also a way to understand certain behaviors you have, the communication will be very positive and favorable to increase bonding. In the workplace will be very encouraged to focus on new responsibilities that will encourage you to put in place prior learning. You'll have more responsibilities but you'll feel more satisfied with yourself and you will be rewarded for your dedication. In early 2013, you can have some doubts and want a job change but.

 Be patient because the wait time for promotion comes before the summer starts. Professional Stability arrives this year so you should involve yourself even more to achieve those goals that you set. In early autumn will offer to participate in a project of interest, will be beneficial to your business valuation. In finance this year remains your economy, you will notice a marked increase in income but also have many expenses during 2013 which will keep your income level. Taurus if you approach a change of home or a new acquisition, this year is unlikely to occur, be cautious and watch out at the end what you want, do not make hasty decisions. On the issue of health you have severe headaches earlier this year, you should consult an eye doctor since you may eyestrain. It is very important to follow a routine schedule of sleep and rest as it looks much influence you in your welfare.

You usually have a health Taurus bull, that's what is your symbol, but this year 2013, allergies can give some problems. Mites, pollution and pollen can cause you discomfort sporadic.
Search watch your diet, taking natural supplements to strengthen your immune system and try to do some physical activity that will relieve accumulated stress, this stress is harmful to your immune system. Taurus, 2013 a key year in your life.