Aquarius Love Compatibility 2013



Compatibility of Aquarius in 2013
Your ruler, the planet Uranus is transiting Aries throughout this year, direct the majority of the time, but from the second half of July which will retrograde until the first half of December. However, this should not worry because their influence is not decisive, but rather take into account the effects of the Moon in your sign, eclipses and other cosmic events when determining relationships.

With Aries: Unpredictable
This is a unique combination, unpredictable. Aquarius is a sign of the air element that blends well with Aries is fire, but due to the imprecise nature of your personality Aquarian partner often is confused and hesitant love everyone. In 2013, this disparity is accentuated and the two partners should put more on your part to make the relationship flourish.
With Taurus: Complicated
This relationship is not easy for a sign of your air element representing Aquarian nature, which, by its unpredictable quality tends to rile the natives of the earth element, such as Taurus. By combining both situations are created that could then cause you headaches and emotional instability.
With Gemini: Great
Aquarius is an air element sign, like Gemini, and planetary combination in this 2013 is great, perfect for you to have a stable relationship, full of happy times and especially when the fun, pass it admirably. It is a promise binding on all the good things that can happen, fun and versatile.
With Cancer: Volatile
Aquarius, the air element, not well liked by the water element, which is the combination of Cancer and the 2013 planetary eclipses and create moments of real tension between them, which, if exceeded, strengthen the relationship, but only after careful thought by both parties. It can work, but not so easy. They should put a lot of you.
With Leo: Very good
Your sign Aquarius, the air element, is at ease with Leo, who is your opposite sign. You love mankind, and sign Leo loves the world. This combination creates a unique couple. In private, Aquarians are a real "surprise box" for your partner Leo that you are in an intense and surprising.
With Virgo: Unstable
Here Aquarians, like you, tend to rile Virgo who love order, the established, the pattern. There are frequent scenes involving the dynamics of a relationship because due to your creative nature can change a plan that has been meticulously prepared by your partner Virgo and change everything at the last minute. For you it is a symbol of spontaneity, for your partner of instability.

With Libra: Excellent
Both share the same element, remember that Libra is an air sign like yours and also have many commonalities. Fortunately the nature and personality of your partner very well understood librana these episodes so typical Aquarian mental isolation of your personality that you seem to be somewhere else, not interested romantically numb and detached from everyone because you're feeding your space, both need to move on.
With Scorpio: Overwhelming!
You have too many interests outside the relationship that does not like anything good to your partner that demands attention escorpiónida hundred percent, total surrender. That's not going with you because your air element, who loves his freedom above all not going to be confined to the tastes, whims, desires or intentions escorpiónidas however good these are and motivated by love. A combination extremely difficult, unless you make many concessions and compromises.
With Sagittarius: Easy, fun, enjoyable
Sagittarius your partner fully understands the need for freedom and Aquarian does not mind his actions turn you understand the person well and there is no room for jealousy or misunderstandings unless there are very opposed factors in respective birth charts. Overall this is a very good combination, both enjoy without feeling coerced and intimacy is creative and original, very good combination.
With Capricorn: Unstable
Remember that your sign, Aquarius is the air element whose general features have nothing to do with the qualities telluric capricornianas. Perhaps, initially, due to curiosity and mutual sexual attraction has some insight, but soon passes because they are completely different characters and temperaments and your partner finds it very difficult Capricorn organize your life with someone as versatile as you often something comes up in the morning and once at night.
With Aquarius: Perfect!
These two symbols are the same element at best tones. This is a great combination in that compatibility is very high, unless there is very strong opposition factors within respective Natal chart synastry or both. Finally a combination that can be very exciting, creative and mutual reward, there is great affinity between the two.
With Pisces: Desigual
Your partner Piscean is very compassionate and empathetic and this goes well with you that you are philanthropic by nature, loving to help others and the community, but they have other interests outside longer, which often limit your sensitive Pisces. Sexually are admired by the disparity becomes binding energy into something exuberant and fun, but then problems arise and communication concepts when seeing reality. It is quite difficult and complicated.