Gemini Love Compatibility 2013



2013 Gemini Compatibilities
The planet Mercury, your ruler, moves from the sign Capricorn, in January, which is again in December after traveling the twelve signs and retrograde have several weeks in February and March, June and July, and October and November, which Special dates and specific influence that taught in your sign you will see them every day in your daily horoscope as they develop the events step by step.

With Aries: Fresh
In this case, a tone of freshness. The inspiration is mutual and the combination of air-your sign Gemini-Aries-with-fire in 2013 is positive. The factor to consider is the diversity, both like the action, but the Arians in the physical and the mental plane Gemini.
With Taurus: Funny
Here is a funny relationship because your sign Gemini, air, puts that youthful and fresh tone in the pair, however, the most stable and concrete view of reality that has the sign Taurus usually collide with curiosity and change Gemini character.
With Gemini: Great
As it is the same air sign, young, fresh and curious relationship tends to flow, but at the same time can become somewhat unstable or inconsistent if it lacks that spark of curiosity and variety is what keeps the communication geminiana even more in this year 2013.
With Cancer: Regular
It is one of the most typical because although cancer has fun with the occurrences of your sign, your temper youthful and fresh, while you may feel overwhelmed when looking for the tranquility of the home and not in the tone of the game or conversation. The intimacy is a good relationship, you just have to work the social.
With Leo: Great
The relationship of a Gemini (air sign like yours) coupled with a fire element sign is fiery and passionate and tend to be ideal, in general, both in daily intimacy with the living is manifested in a refreshing and moved, very dynamic and positive.
With Virgo: Complex
Both share the same ruler, that is, the planet Mercury, but this is not enough to stabilize the relationship and in the year 2013 will bring more than their part to raise the level of tolerance and not getting caught up in anything negative when to respond to the criticisms of Virgo, which are usually many and sometimes unwelcome.

With Libra: Appropriate
A good combination between two air signs, Libra both you are on a very positive note in this 2013 and relations between the two are highly favored, especially within the plane of privacy in the to be everything for everyone. There are no insurmountable obstacles in this cycle and overcome the problems that may have existed in the recent past.
With Scorpio: Funny
This relationship tends to be very funny, but also fleeting. It consists of factors that are consolidated in 2013 and create a special dynamism especially when intimacy in which "invented" everything and move to new courses sentimental.
With Sagittarius: Positive
The combination of air with fire in this year is still great and the energy and vitality that gives your sign to Sagittarius relationship and promises to abandon a couple fun, stable and very creative, both in the emotional and material, generally , good compatibility
With Capricorn: Doubtful
It tends to be the best of relationships due to the difference in character and interests of both signs as the most serious character, disciplined and orderly Capricorn tends to rile the Gemini and vice versa.
With Aquarius: Great
Aquarius is a sign of the air element, like yours, and planetary combination in this 2013 is great, perfect for you to have a stable relationship, full of happy times and especially when the fun, pass admirably. It is a promise binding on all the good things that can happen.
With Pisces: Difficult
It's not easy for a Piscean combined with versatile and curious nature of your sign and compatibility is often difficult. However, empathy Piscean and how fresh and youthful face of your sign problems can come to an agreement so as to obviate the circumstances that separate and accentuate that unite them.