Leo Love Compatibility 2013



Compatibility of Leo in 2013
Your ruler is the Sun, the center of the solar system, the only star that appears as such in your birth chart. This year we will have two solar eclipses, one on May 10, and another on November 3. Although not visible in this part of the world, with the exception of a small portion of Brazil on November 3, and hybrid solar eclipse only as its influence extends to all signs in this 2013 will see below. All about eclipses in Lesson 21 Free Astrology Course, by clicking here.

With Aries: Explosive
A relationship "explosive" two wills that are and can be a real volcano at the time of sex, but also a difficult scenario when making decisions because everyone will want to always be right and this could make serious disagreements.
With Taurus: Curious
This tends to be a relationship compatibility curious where you, as a Leo, you're looking for something different in your personal life, a touch of excitement and fun, but also a sense of permanence or emotional stability you get in the picture Taurus, the earth element, which makes the relationship building.
With Gemini: Great
The relationship of an air sign Gemini-yours-a sign of the fire element is fiery and passionate and tend to be ideal, in general, both in daily intimacy with the living is manifested in a refreshing move, very dynamic and positive.
With Cancer: Reflective
Your sign is ruled by the Sun, and the Moon in Cancer by a union is ancient, eclipses and phases all intimately expressed between the two. This is a relationship of mutual admiration, you are inspired with Cancerian intuition and maternal sense, and your partner, therefore admire your overwhelming personality.
With Leo: A compatible combination
The two want to share center stage. The problem is when both competing to be the one who is at the head of everything. Intimately carried a charm, but one of the two must yield to the other shine in time, sharing roles. It is a compatible combination, fun and loving what lush, theatrical and drama throughout.
With Virgo: Happy
You are a magnanimous sign and you will not feel bad about the criticism of Virgo as your self-esteem is very high and can not get down with the comments perfectionists. Leo admires the practicality of Virgo partner, your mind alert and efficient, and in turn Virgo is encouraged by the good humor that expresses your partner and you get achievements in life.

With Libra: Fair
Although here we have the fire-air combination there are common issues such as love of beauty, the good things and faces, including the luxury and elegance, which can in turn conflict with other aspects of the relationship such as the need Leos have to be constantly flattered, and on the other hand, Libra, believes that she or he who deserves this recognition. In the intimacy going well.
With Scorpio: Very compatible
Scorpio is the water element and one might think that would clash with the fire of Leo, but in this case and other factors influence the 2013 transit of Saturn in Scorpio existing and projected stellar prospects an intense, exciting and profound are very high. It is often said that "the fire goes out with another fire" and here, the water acts as a fire that continues until the consuming passion.
With Sagittarius: Excellent
These two fire signs tend to share their enthusiasm and carefree attitude towards life. The relationship is intense and generally good, all you have to make is the extreme independence of both so that in no time you feel limited or subdued by the other because so far as it goes around!
With Capricorn: Satisfactory
Capricorn is an earthy sign, ie land, and often too disciplined to the lush Leo. There is a tendency or quality in Capricorn consisting distrust, while Leo is overconfident and immediately delivered to any adventure without measuring the consequences of his actions. This combination is often detrimental to the long term.
With Aquarius: Very good
Aquarius, the air element, is at ease with Leo, which is the opposite sign. Your sign loves the world, Aquarius humanity, and this combination creates a unique couple. In private, Aquarians are a real "surprise box" for Leo that this sign are in an intense and surprising.
With Pisces: Difficult
Leo's temperament is too strong for the sensitive Piscean. Initially the relationship can go well, the duration of the charm, but when they are established and emerge strong bonds to the surface intimate natures combination is very shocking for the different way of looking at life and the concepts that everyone has what who are the people, the world, reality. Of course, everything can compensate and work, but not easy.